Your Question Answered-What are the Cheapest and the Most Expensive Ping Pong Tables in the World?”

Whether it is the cheapest or the most expensive Ping pong table in the world, the game of table tennis remains very popular. Since nearly anyone can get involved, it offers a fantastic way to relax at home or in the office environment. Today many table brands, types, and qualities are available in the market, with the pricing varying from one model to another.

The choice of a particular table whether for indoor or outdoor use should signify value for your hard-earned money. As much as this might be problematic to first timers, it is essential to have a rough idea of what product will serve your interest.

The Cheapest and the Most Expensive Ping Pong Tables

The Cheapest and the Most Expensive Ping Pong Tables

Well, even before you sample the cheapest or the most expensive ping pong table here are some factors you need to consider before any purchases:-

  • Durability

Specifically, an outdoor piece should be a product of skillful engineering and resilient materials that can bear with any unfriendly weather. If the table top twists out of shape, the ball bounce will be awful, and that could mean an irritating experience. Therefore when sampling your options look out for something waterproof, rust and dust resistant with top-notch coating for ultimate performance. Indoor tables, however, do have to meet such quality parameters but should be equal to the task. You may want to use it outside at times.

  • Safety

It does not make any sense if the player is always at constant risk of injury. The game is all about pleasure as such you should go for something with a stable structure, anti-tilt capability, and smooth edges. You should not have any serious problems if you lean on the table while playing.

  • Unique features

A complete Ping pong table should possess outstanding characteristics such as convenient folding and storage position, easy to move about, simple to assemble, standard dimensions, sleek top for a good bounce, non-reflective among other user-friendly characteristics.

Most expensive indoor/outdoor ping tables

11 Ravens (The Avettore-Aero Limited Edition Table Tennis Table)

American luxury game table outlet, 11 Ravens takes credit for this top of the world masterpiece.  With a smooth aerodynamic design, the table is a visual juxtaposition of exceptional artistry. Available at a price range of $26,000 and $48,000 depending on specifics you may want to be included, every element on this expensive ping pong table is a wonder.

Sliders RobbReport Avettor

Sliders RobbReport Avettor (foto from


Special features

  • Available in solid wood with options for wood species and color accents
  • Possibility to customize to specific tastes


  • Can be converted to other uses, e.g., for a billiard game or dining
  • Handcrafted from sustainable wood
  • Durable with anti-scratch surface and stable structure to avoid meltdown


  • Does not work for tight budgets

Stiga (Stiga Showcourt Table Tennis Table)

A creation of one of the most popular brands “the Showcourt” made in Germany is more about style and flamboyance. The tournament level table is a product of incredible handcrafting detailing the finest materials in the trade. Whether for leisure or competitive events this pinnacle of Ping pong table production can serve exceptionally. For $20000 you can own a piece.  To learn more about Stiga tables, read an interesting review.

Stiga Showcourt Table Tennis Table

Stiga Showcourt Table Tennis Table

Special features

  • 30 mm-thick top
  • Unique led lights on the curvy legs offering three levels of brightness


  • Stunning design
  • Solid and stable structure
  • Unprecedented evenness for real bounce
  • Specially made net and steel post


Most fixtures are permanent hence very heavy to move around. Maybe this ensures safety because it comes at a whopping price.

Are these tables worth buying?

The answer is yes for those interested in a touch of luxury, style, and elegance. Beyond the playing experience, these expensive pieces reveal social competition and class. Therefore, only those having extra cash in their possession are likely to go for these models.


To the contrary, if you desire to enjoy the game and nothing else then it will be prudent to look another way. In fact, on Amazon, you can find an extensive collection which is also expensive but not to this level, e.g., the Killerspin Revolution series.

Cheapest indoor/outdoor Ping pong tables

Dunlop (4 Piece Table Tennis Table)

At less than one hundred dollars the Dunlop brand offers the 4 Piece Table Tennis Table. Besides this model there other you can sample out on Amazon and could be fantastic additions to your leisure game collection.

Unique features

  • Possible to convert to a billiard board
  • Lightweight (20lbs)


  • Easy to assemble or put away
  • Convertibility hence saves on space
  • Comes with accessories such as net and posts


  • Limited warranty period

Harvil (60″ Folding Portable Table Tennis Table)

This Harvil Ping pong table provides a pocket-friendly avenue to a reasonable gaming experience. With an exceptional playing surface and appealing design from the quality material, your desire for instant fun becomes a reality.


  • Comes with free accessories
  • Has a flawless surface
  • Portable


  • May appear too simplistic for those looking for a more detailed model


Goplus (60-inch Portable Folding Table Tennis Table)

With a budget under a hundred dollars an incredibly affordable and easy to store table. Suiting varying ages this can be an excellent way to kick-start your Ping pong experience.



  • Lightweight and saves on space
  • Comes with relevant accessories
  • Portable


  • May not be as versatile as competition level models but can be work for home fun

Are they worth buying?

Well, for amateurs the three options above can be helpful for a start. However, for advanced gaming or the long term, it is more reasonable to go for something slightly above the 200 dollar mark. The above are unlikely to have the resilience required for long-term performance. On Amazon, you can find other cheap Ping pong table from brands such as Viper or even the legendary Stiga.

In essence, for Ping pong it does matter much how you play or who you play with, the weight lies on how the ball interacts with the surface. Therefore, it means little to the game whether it is the cheapest or the most expensive Ping pong table in the world.