Stiga Ping Pong Tables Review

Stiga is without a doubt one of the leading ping pong table manufacturers, as well as SportsCraft tables and this isn’t something we just made up, it is what its many buyers have said.

In this article, we’re going to showcase a few tables that prove Stiga’s grip on the market as a ping-pong table brand. We’re going to analyze the elements that make a table good such as:

  • Dimensions: Sometimes you’re looking for a specific weight or size, so it is important we pay attention. Generally, good tables come sized in regulated tournament sizes.
  • Assembly: There are tables that only need to have the net attached, and then there are tables that take about 3 hours of assembly, let’s make sure you pick the option that makes you feel comfortable!
  • Net: Nets do make the table, as some might say, a half-decent table will be a good table if it has a decent net (and a decent surface) but a bad net equates to a bad table.
  • Playing Surface: Each person has their preference, but most of us prefer tables with a moderate bounce, a trait that some tables don’t have.
  • Folding: Most tables that respect themselves are foldable, but then again, some do but with terrible locks.
  • Design: From the quality of the finish to the build. Some aspects are vanity while others are utility.
  • Price: You should know the real price of the table. Because we don’t want to afford above $500 for a table when a $400 does the same job.

You can rest assured knowing that Stiga tables never disappoint! They’ve earned this place in the industry and trust me, there’s a reason for it.

Let’s review the best tables that Stiga can provide.

Stiga Ping Pong Tables

Stiga Advantage

Luckily for us, the Stiga Advantage table is one great entry-mid table. Coming almost pre-assembled, this table will literally take you up to 10 minutes to set up, but that’s far from the big deal!

If you consider yourself at least an intermediate player and you’re looking to enter the world of competitions, then you must bring your game to the next level with a good table!


This table features a high-quality build, the top is 5/8” thick, coated with multiple layers and a fine silk screen stripping.

The net is clamp-on one of great quality with a safety latch system. As usual, it can be folded in the three typical positions such as play, playback, and storage. Finally, you’d be pleased to hear that the table can be leveled with ease to adjust to your personal preference.

Read more about this table on the seller’s site.

Stiga Triumph

Another great table that has a quick n easy assembly process. The Triumph has 5/8” thick, blue top and 2-inch self-opening steel legs.

The table’s design is particularly catchy, with 3-inch mag wheels, 2-inch steel apron, and corner protectors, you’d be pleased to know that this table looks just as well as it performs!

The legs come along handy plastic caps that prevent scratches and -as usual- it is foldable in the three general positions.

The table’s dimensions demand some modest space, 108” L x 60” W x 30”H, so be sure to have in mind!

Interested in more information ? – click here

Stiga Outdoor Ping Pong Table Review

Just like the name implies, the Stiga Outdoor ping pong table comes as sturdy outdoor table capable of withstanding the elements. Thanks to its laminated top, the table handles well against warping.

It is designed with a 1.5-inch apron and 3/4-inch ball casters with locks. Foldable, and with reliable wheels to make storage even easier.

This table will complement any outdoor environment, the best part is that it includes a year-long warranty and comes delivered pre-assembled, with little effort needed to finish the process.


Read more about this table:

Stiga InstaPlay Ping Pong Table Review

The InstaPlay table implies immediate play, and it is quite true, as the table comes basically pre-assembled.

The top of this table is 3/4” thick, and it is covered in black with silkscreen stripping.

The build of the table is pretty trustworthy, 2-inch thick legs, 3-inch thick mag balls bearing wheels with locks, 2-inch steel aprons, and corner protectors. It can be folded in the three typical positions.

The table is totally directed towards indoors playing and it can be considered a great value table!

Stiga Space Saver

As the name implies, this is a tiny table meant to save space! Let’s say you’ve got a tight space in your home or office and you feel like a ping-pong table would be a great way of occupying the space, the Space Saver has your back covered, the best part of it? It can be folded, meaning, even more, space saving!  It is one of the best cheapest ping pong tables.

The top is 5/8” thick MDF with silkscreen stripping, the apron is 1.25-inch steel, the legs are 1.25-inch steel (they come with leg levelers).

The folding style allows for both playback or repurpose, imagine flipping one half and using the horizontal half to play card games, for example!

Stiga spaces saver separate table

Stiga spaces saver separate table

The Space Saver is truly a swiss knife amongst ping pong tables! It measures 40.5″ x71″ x 30″ and weighs around 73 pounds! It is also the most affordable table for tight budgets and small rooms.


The Advantage is the definitive table of this list, but I beg we appreciate the Space Saver, it simply looks so good, compact, and useful that I feel compelled to say it’s probably the best value table for those looking for a quick, casual game at very affordable price.

As always, each person is different and with varied needs, no item in this list can disappoint, but carefully choosing the one that is correct for you will make your investment much better!

Stiga fares well in all scenarios, and perhaps the only brand that can compare on a general level is JOOLA, another leading brand in ping pong tables.

Regardless of this, Stiga’s ping pong tables offer elevated quality, and in the price range of the so-called “value” tables (around $500 or so), they’ve got some pretty good models that are worth taking a look!

I hope this review helped you find what option suits you the best, good luck!