An Overview of 10 Best Ping Pong Table Brands (With comparison)

Whether you are new to the game or a pro, you will agree that finding the best Ping pong table brands requires attention. Typically, top brands combine the convenience of features, durability, and value. If you are wondering which one will suit you, the answer with full comparison lies in the list below.


Produced in Germany, Kettler collection has been in the trade for over 60 years. The tables come with an evident artistry that marvels the eye.

Kettler brand logo

Kettler brand logo

Kettler is a market leader not only in Ping pong tables but also in fitness equipment and garden furniture. They provide a variety of tables from beginner-friendly models to Olympic grade alternatives.

Guided by constant innovation and the desire to improve the player experience, Kettler strives to produce the best. With impressive features such as regulation standard specifications, good bounce, and safety fold design it can’t get any better. Their top models include Kettler Top Star XL among others all available at wide-ranging prices.

Ketler tables are often mentioned as the most affordable.


Stiga is a Swedish brand with links to a company dating back to 1944. The outlet was initially known for lawnmowers but later joined table tennis trade. Stiga Table Tennis, in particular, became an independent source in 1984 after some mergers; it got separated from the parent outlet.

Stiga brand logo

Oficial Stiga brand logo

Over time Stiga has sailed through the echelons to be a top Ping pong table brand as evident today. No wonder it has in the recent past signed partnerships with Swedish and Chinese national teams. Stiga paddles are among the most popular and famous.

Check this review to get more information about the Stiga brand.

Through state of the art technology and stakeholder engagement, it boasts of some of the most elegant pieces that come at equally reasonable prices. The full range of Stiga tables is reviewed here.

Stiga could not make in the top 10 Ping pong table brands without excellent features. It table boasts of ball bearing wheels to aid movement, ease of setting up or dismantle, overall attractiveness, and quality ball bounce. It also produces other products, e.g., skateboards, basketballs, and apparels. Stiga Expert Roller Table Tennis Table is its model you can check out.


An all-time great, Killerspin brand originates from the USA. It is famous for being behind the constant supply of high-quality ping pong tables, paddles, and balls.

Killerspin oficial site logo

Killerspin official site logo

The prominence did not come easy over the decades it has existed. Killerspin takes pride in providing players with equipment regardless of their age, skill level or reasons for playing. Its paddles are considered to be one of the most effective.


Its tables come with arched bases, resilient and sleek surface for a better bounce. They can also customize the products if you wish. Its models are value for money. For example, the top Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table which you can check.


With over 60 years under its belt, this Japanese brand is one of the best Ping pong table brands around the globe. Pioneered by Hikosuke Tamasu, a prominent Japanese player, the trademark is all about stunning creations. Tamasu’s idea was to progressively resonate with players while improving techniques and attractiveness of the game.

Butterfly Brand logo

Butterfly Brand logo

He argued that players were like butterflies hence the need for flowers (stellar equipment) around them. Blending professionalism and quality materials the brand produces high-end tables that are irresistible. Consequently, you are likely to pay more for a Butterfly table.


Sleek tops, excellent edge protection, and flexible wheel for maneuverability define the easy to assemble equipment. Butterfly also manufactures textiles and associated gaming accessories. Its top creations include the Butterfly Outdoor Top Rollaway Blue and Butterfly Easifold 19 Rollaway Table Tennis Table among others.


This German brand dates back to 1952 when two names Joos (a departmental store) and Landau (town of origin) were blended to create the outfit JOOLA. Well, anyone familiar with the table tennis territory has interacted with it. From tables to paddles to rackets and apparel JOOLA offers it all.



The brand is unique in that it has a separate table design section that works round the clock to improve their merchandise. Its tables feature anti-tilt element for safety and are separable into halves for easy assembly or collapsing.

The company avails tables for all skill levels, ages, and prices. JOOLA is an apparent show of what quality materials and top craftsmanship can do when combined with technology. Joola Nova Tour DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table is one of its top creations.


Cornilleau is a French brand with over 40 years of experience in the trade. It ranks among the best Ping pong table brands because it combines ergonomics and compact techniques to bring out a sense of luxury in its merchandise.



Cornilleau is keen on the player interest since inception and that why their tables come with the laminate feature. The outdoor varieties especially can withstand very extreme environmental conditions. The details impress you so the pricing will not be a problem if you are looking for quality. Apart from the tables, it manufactures apparel, paddles, and balls.


Cornilleau will impress you with models such as the Cornilleau 500M Crossover Blue Table Tennis Table or the Crossover 250S Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table.

Hathaway Victory

For those who feel esteemed of themselves, Hathaway Victory is their perfect match. Manufactured in the USA the brand is one of the fastest growing game room products producers.

Hathaway Victory utilizes unique materials in its tables, for example, PVC coating to ensure no warping. What can be better for a professional player than tournament grade tables with gliding wheels, fantastic top for good bounce, and safety clips to prevent accidental collapse?


The brand does not stop at the tables; it also manufactures balls (NFL, soccer) and rock climbing equipment. Specializing in competitive level products certified by ITTF you should expect reasonable prices not short of value for money. Look out for Hathaway Bounce Band one of its models.


Though not as popular as the rest here Harvil meets the cut. Originating from the USA having operated for over ten years now it takes pride in making reliable and durable products.

Harvil Sports products

Harvil Sports products


Harvil relies on the belief that there is power in good things. As a result, they include notable features in their crafts including aluminum tops and powder coated steel frames.


Furthermore, being aware how high-end creativity facilitates enjoyment it also manufactures foosball accessories and fitness equipment. With all this finesse the tables are still quite affordable. You can try out the Harvil Indoor Table Tennis Table, and you won’t regret.

Dunlop sport

Dunlop is British brand which began as rubber manufacturer (late 19th century) but later ventured into tennis products. Currently, it’s among the top 10 Ping pong table brands although it also produces golf gear, footwear, and tennis rackets.


Through years of tradition, the brand is committed to helping you show your skills and have a good time by engaging in sports. You can try out Dunlop Easyfold  Outdoor Table Tennis Table from this brand. For more outdoor tables check this article.


Viper brand belongs to the GLD Products Company a US-based outfit that began in 1981. Producing characteristically impressive Ping pong tables Viper makes it the top ten.

Most of it table including the  Viper Arlington Table Tennis Table boast of color blending scheme, massive legs for balance, and self-locking capability to ensure player safety.

With other world-class creations, e.g., dartboards, billiard boards, and other related accessories under its name, it cannot fail to impress.

As a conclusion

All stated, the compared above top 10 Ping pong Table brands cannot fail to meet every taste and preference. You can begin your timeless experience with family, friends or colleagues by getting any model from the list above.