How to Clean a Ping Pong Table

How often you’ll clean your ping pong table is entirely up to you, but as a general rule, the more you use it the more you clean it. Don’t let that make you feel like not playing though, cleaning is something that can be done pretty quickly!I’ve been there; no matter how hard we try to prevent it, our ping pong table inevitably gets dirty over time and use.

As dust and dirt pile up you’ll start noticing how a layer forms on top of the table! So, you might be wondering, how do I clean a ping pong table?

You don’t have to fret, that’s for sure. The proper way is actually fairly easy, and it shouldn’t take more than 10 or 20 minutes of our precious time!

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table

How to Clean a Ping Pong Table

Whether you have a table that’s in need of some cleaning or you just acquired one and you’re concerned about cleaning it, keep reading! I’ll cover the steps to clean it as well as a list of home-made solutions for your table.

How to Properly Clean a Ping Pong Table

Cleaning your table is important, not only because dust piling up ruins your table’s looks, but because thick layers of dirt and dust are actually detrimental to the performance of your table. Taking just 10 minutes of your week to clean your table won’t hurt you at all, and there’s a good reason to do so!

First, you need to understand that the location of your ping pong table more or less dictates how often you’ll have to clean it. A table tucked in a basement or garage will gather much more dirt and dust than a table located in a finished game room. These rooms are often temperature-controlled so they’re more than “just for show”.

Now, your question “how do I clean a ping pong table”?

Well, as a general practice, you should wipe down your table with a soft, dry cloth, after each use. Doing this regularly will keep your table clean and free of debris, for the most part. Consider it as regular maintenance.

To do an in-depth cleaning, you’ll have to prepare a cleaning solution, and there are many ways to go about, so let’s elaborate some more.

What to Clean a Ping Pong Table With

All-Purpose Cleaners

A slight note about these cleaners. Some claim that sampling cleaning their ping pong tables with one of the many “all-purpose” cleaners is effective and safe enough, but the truth is that, while they can effectively remove dirt, grime, debris, and anything that plagues the table, there’s a high chance they can also strip the paint off your precious table

If you don’t want to see that happen, then let me chime in with some home-made cleaners that will do the trick just fine without any downside!

White Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is all-natural and works wonders as a cleaning agent in a myriad of formulas, but you should limit exclusively use distilled white vinegar, as other types may leave some stains behind.

Let’s start off by filling a spray bottle, 5 parts water and 1 part distilled white vinegar, shake it up till it’s thoroughly mixed. But we advise you to use special pre-made cleaner, with good smell.

Warm Water

No nonsense, a bucket of warm water along a lint-free cloth will do the trick without any kind of saturation. Dust-dry straight away with a towel and try not to rub too hard as shiny marks may appear. If you’re worried about changing the appearance of your table, this is the way to go!

By the way, it is one of the best methods of cleaning your ping pong paddles.

How to Clean Your Ping Pong Table

Once you’ve procured your desired cleaner, proceed to remove the netting from the ping pong table and spray down your solution. Take a clean, dry cloth and start scrubbing down the entire surface. Continue doing this until you scrub every square inch of the table.

Once you’re ready spreading the solution all over the table, you’re going to go back to it with a new cloth.

If you used a vinegar solution, damp the cloth in water to remove any excess vinegar left, then get a dry cloth and proceed to give it a dry. If you just used warm water, just dry it off with a clean cloth.

After a few hours, you should get a fresh, clean, and dry ping pong table ready to give many hours of leisure!

You’ll have to install the net again, but you may opt to do another step during your maintenance session by oiling any moving metal parts of the table with a lubricant. This will improve the performance as well as protecting it from wear!

Final Words

So, that’s how you clean a ping pong table! You may opt to get a special cleaner meant to be used with ping pong tables, although that’s not entirely necessary.

Ping pong tables are usually made of wood, which means that there’s a real risk of over-saturating it with water. As a general rule, avoid drenching your clothes too much before wiping the table’s surface down. At all costs, you must avoid abrasive or bleach-based cleaners!

Substituting a normal cloth for a good quality microfiber cloth damped with a bit of water can work wonders for your regular routine of wiping down after playing.

Finally, one last piece of advice. Keep your table covered when not in use! If it doesn’t mind you, covering your table can actually save you a lot of trouble, so give that a try if you feel like your ping pong table is getting too dusty.

All your ping pong equipment (ping pong tables and expensive professional paddles) will last longer if you will take care of them.

I hope this review helped you find what option suits you the best, good luck!