DHS Quick-Attack X is one the Best Ping Pong Paddles for Beginners and Children under $50

Many beginners to table tennis or ping pong are at a loss as to what the best ping pong paddle is for them to learn how to play the game. While getting the cheapest paddle is not great, you also don’t need to spend a ton of money on a paddle to get good quality. I have compiled a list of the best quality table tennis paddle for beginners under $50 that work well for adults and children learning to play ping pong.

What is a fair price for the paddle?

As I said before, it’s not in your best interest to buy a cheap paddle, but buying a very expensive one is also not necessary, and may not be the best for your game. You want to get in the sweet spot on price that will be good quality for the price.

Why avoid cheap paddles?

Buying a paddle that costs less than $10 is probably not a great deal. It may have a cool sounding name with the words Nitro or Power, but they are probably made out of low-quality material and they will not last, and they also will not do well in helping you learn skills. These low-quality paddles don’t generate spin the way a quality paddle will. They actually act in the opposite way and can cause the ball to have absolutely no spin. It’s very difficult to learn basic strokes with these low-quality paddles.  Also, with  cheap paddles is impossible to catch the spinning ball, while playing  a deffencive game. You will have to use a more exaggerated stroke and cause the development of bad habit and will limit your growth as a player.

Why avoid really expensive paddles?

Some overzealous players will think it is necessary to buy the most expensive paddle to get the best quality. However, as a beginner these super expensive paddles will probably do more harm than good. These very expensive paddles are too responsive for a beginner which will cause ball control issues. It will cause the ball to fly all over the place because the beginner has not learned the technique needed to play with these paddles. It’s not a horrible thing if a player gets one of these and realizes they can’t use it. They can always use it in the future, but it will not be good for learning the proper technique.

The Best Paddles for Beginners

As stated before, it’s important to get a quality paddle that has the right amount of spin and a response for a beginner or child to learn the proper technique and strokes to play the game. Here are a few good options for someone just learning the game of ping pong.

No.1  DHS Quick-Attack X

9 out of 10 stars

The DHS Quick-Attack has a long handle/shake hand design that has been made will carbon material. It is made with select wood, carbon fiber and a classic rubber. It is a little bigger in size that help players move the ball more easily.

DHS Quick-Attack X

DHS Quick-Attack X Ping Pong paddle

The handle is made especially to be comfortable for a beginner. The carbon material in the paddle gives just the right amount of elasticity to improve your speed as a beginner. It is right at the top of the budget, around $50, but you are definitely getting the quality needed to learn to play the game.

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No.2 Stiga Evolution

7 out of 10 stars

The Stiga Evolution is a performance-level ping pong paddle that has been approved for tournament play. It feature shock dispersion technology or SDT which helps take away to shock of the ball hitting the paddle and moving to the hand and arm.


Stiga evolution paddle

STIGA Evolution Ping Pong Paddle

It has exceptional performance ratings at 96 for speed, 94 for spin and 90 for control. This is the perfect concoction for a beginning to learn the spinning technique. It is also made with premium rubber and and 6-Ply light blade to help beginners comfortable hold the paddle. It is great for beginners but is a little faster than the DHS Quick-Attack. For excelent results, always keep your paddle clean. Here are some tips, how to do it.

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No.3 Butterfly 401 Shakehand – one of the best ping pong paddle for cheap

6 out of 10 stars

The Butterfly 401 Shakehand is third on the list. It has a 2.1 millimeter sponge layer that helps keep a springy feel for the beginner. It also has great ratings for performance with speed at 80, spin at 80 and control and 85.

Butterfly 401 paddle

Butterfly 401 Shakehand paddle on Amazon

This one is also slower than the Stiga which helps the beginner learn the proper technique and strokes. The rubber on this paddle is very tacky which helps offer a high spin and control. This is one the cheapest paddles which makes it great for someone who wants to make perfect serves like a pro and learn ping pong on a budget. By the way, this paddle won the second place in our other test.

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Our Final Thoughts

As a beginner, the most important thing to do is buy a quality paddle such as  DHS Quick-Attack that helps you to develop the proper technique while creating some spin without causing you to lose control. This will not be your forever paddle which is why you don’t want to spend a fortune. As your skills improve you will need to get an intermediate paddle, then a paddle for an advanced player. If all you ever plan on doing is playing ping pong in your basement for fun, you probably don’t need to spend on a quality paddle, but if you really want to be good at ping pong and  learn the game, it’s important to spend on a best quality table tennis paddle.

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