The Best Table Tennis Paddles for Professional Players Under 200$. Honest 2017 Review

There are so many different ping pong paddles out there, and not enough time to research them all. If you are looking for a professional ping pong paddle, look no further. Here is a list of the three best ping pong paddles for professionals.

How to choose the right ping pong paddle for the professional player?

With the selection out there, it’s important to know the right paddle for you. You don’t want to spend the money on a paddle only to find out it doesn’t meet your specific needs. You need to look at your playing style and find the right paddle to match it.

Looking at professional ping pong paddle grip such as pen hold or shake hold is important as well as whether you are a primarily offensive or defensive player. You should also look at how much power you need in your paddle for your experience. You can always test out another player’s paddle if you have access to one. Asking other player’s is always a great way to figure out what will work for you.

What is the main paddle ratings? What does each parameter mean?

Ping Pong paddles are rated on their performance and split into three components, power, control, and speed. Not everyone rates exactly the same, but they are similar enough to know what a rating means on any given paddle.

Paddle Power

Power is based on the hardness of the material used in the blade and handle as well as the padding used between the rubber of the paddle and blade. The blades are made of wood glued together, sometimes with fiberglass or carbon fibre in between which makes for a more lightweight paddle. This rating measure how much energy will be absorbed by the paddle while returning a shot. A higher number means the paddle absorbs less power so it has a strong return. The high power can cause less control when making the shots. Because of this a defensive player would not want a high power paddle, while an offensive player would prefer a paddle with a rating in the 9 range. This rating is significant while learning how to do a ghost serve in ping pong.

Paddle Control

Control measures how true the paddle hits the ball. Also, how long the paddle will hold onto the ball when the ball hits. This is all about the rubber quality, padding thickness, and what direction the pips on the rubber go. The tackier the rubber is on your paddle, the more control the paddle will have. This makes it easier to place a return in your desired position. A defensive player is going to want to have a very high control paddle.

Paddle Spin

Spin pertains to the quality of the rubber as well as the installation, but a lighter blade can also help with this. A  professional high spin paddle will have pips that face the blade so it has a more smooth surface. When a paddle has a high control rating, it will usually have a high spin rating as well. Most players will want to have a high spin rating to make it more difficult to return a shot.

Top 3  Paddles That Professional Ping Pong Players Use

No.1  Stiga Titan Paddle – Is What Do Professional Ping Pong Players Use

9 out of 10

Coming in at number one, the Stiga Titan has a high control rating as well as a low price tag. The high ratings of this paddle come from the blade. It has a 5-ply all wood handle which has been treated especially to give more power than normal for the price. Its control makes it a great choice for a primarily defensive player.

Stiga Titan - is what do professionals use

Stiga Titan – is what do professionals use

No.2 Good Professional Choice For Lower Price – Butterfly 401 Shakehand Table Tennis Racket

9 out of 10

The Butterfly 401 is another great value paddle. It is the best one of all butterfly professional ping pong paddles. Wich is rated 8 in speed and spin, and 8.5 in control. Because of these ratings, it’s great for a player who wants to play a balanced offensive and defensive game.


Butterfly 401 Racket

Good Professional Choice For Lower Price – Butterfly 401

It has been known to be very long lasting. Users say the rubber keeps its tackiness a lot longer than other paddles.  To make the rubber sticky just clean it gently.

It does have a smaller handle, so it’s not the greatest for a player with a large hand.

No.3  Killerspin JET200 – A Professional Grade Ping Pong Paddle

8 out of 10

The Killerspin JET200 is priced similarly to both the Stiga Titan and Butterfly 401. It is not as powerful as the Stiga, but it has a higher control rating. Killerspin is a newer brand to ping pong, but they already have a great reputation for quality.

Killerspin Jet200

Killerspin Jet200 Paddle Packaging

This paddle has a 5-ply blade and very high-quality rubber. The rubber has been said to be fresher than most which give more control, while not lessening the spin. It’s speed level is kind of low, but if you are looking to focus on control, this is one of the best choices. We also mentioned it as a good defensive bat here:

Final Thoughts of Professional Player and Trainer. What is Really the Best?

When looking for a ping pong paddle, it is essential to find a high-quality product that is suitable for your specific playing style. These three paddles are some of the best in their class, and for a price, you can’t beat. Whether you are an offensive or defensive player.  There is a quality paddle for you.  If you have enough money – definitely get the best ping pong paddle for professionals –  Stiga Titan.

For lower price, you can buy the Butterfly401 bat and you also will have excellent results.