What Is The Best Table Tennis Paddle For Intermediate Players. Yes – It’s Killerspin JET600

Once a tennis player advances from the beginner level to the intermediate standard, they are usually encouraged to get better paddles. However, most of them are ignorant of what exactly they should look for in a bat so as to purchase a better bat. There are almost unlimited options to choose from in the market. They all have different categories of spin, speed as well as control. Also, you need to decide the amount of thickness suitable for the rubber, the handle shape and the speed of the blade.

The task of acquiring a new paddle seems to be more daunting if the player is just getting their first “proper” bat. If this is just the situation that you find yourself, then you should just relax and go through this post. Here, we have shared some tips and advice that will give an intermediate player the opportunity of selecting the best paddle they can get. At the end of this post, you will have gained more knowledge that will help you all through your tennis career.

Speed, spin and control

A lot of beginner players stick with a more basic bat. They usually have a lot of control but are lacking in the area of speed and spin. This might be just perfect for a beginner just learning the ropes. However, as their skills begin to improve, so is the need for them to get better bats. You should always go for a paddle that is a bit faster and generates more spin than the current paddle while maintaining its good control.
What this implies is that you should not just jump from a beginner bat with more control to one that is very advanced, super-spinny and super fast bat. You may get some difficulty with the control of this bat as their rubbers are usually super responsive. What you should rather go for is a bat that is neither too fast nor too slow. Best table tennis paddle for intermediate is one that is just a bit faster than your beginner bat and a bit slower than the advanced bat.

Ready-made bat or Custom made bat?

This question shouldn’t bother you at the intermediate level. It won’t be the bat you will be using forever. You will most likely make use of it for about 16 months and then go for something better.
In case you are going for a custom-made bat, you will have to choose the rubber for your backhand, the rubber for your forehand as well as the blade. The obvious advantage of a custom made bat is that you get to choose any combination that you prefer. For instance, you may prefer a thicker rubber for your forehand (for attack) and a slower one for your backhand (for an all-round play). You can choose the thickness of the rubber (thinner means slower, thicker means faster). You also get to customize the shape of the bat handle.
For a few, this customization is just great. They spend hours researching and checking reviews; there are just so many options for them. However, others just don’t buy the idea of customizing. If you cannot spend some time to go through tennis equipment websites, then custom made bat is just not for you. Going for a ready-made bat will just be perfect.
A ready-made bat is usually produced with equal rubber thickness for the forehand as well as the backhand with a very limited choice in selecting the blade, handle shape and thickness. These bats have high quality, just that there is less customization and limited choice to choose from. It will work just fine for you if you are a player with a similar style for both backhand and forehand strokes since they have an equal thickness on both sides.

Price Ranges For The Intermediate Level Bats

For you to get the best table tennis bat for intermediate level, you need to part with more money than you did with your beginner bat. The better quality comes at an extra price. A good table tennis bat will leave you $70 – $200 poorer. Also, you should note that a ready-made bat is cheaper than a custom-made bat a bit.
Some of the best ready-made paddles you can get have been reviewed below.

Premium Quality Ping Pong Paddle – Table Tennis Bat with Comfort Grip

A lot of effort was invested in this Premium Quality Ping Pong Paddle by Xtremespin so as to transform you from a beginner to an intermediate player. Making use of the latest production processes, one can be sure that it is up to standard. Its handle was made from poplar wood. It has 2.00mm sponges which are made of very high quality just like its rubber. It’s spin, speed and control are all rated 8. You will be thrilled with what you can get from this paddle.

remium Quality Ping Pong Paddle By Xtremespin With Bonus Case

Premium Quality Ping Pong Paddle By Xtremespin. Click to learn more:


  • Great control
  • 2.00mm sponges available
  • Its price is just great for its value
  • Money back guarantee


  • Speed and spin could be higher.

Customer/User impression

Just perfect in case you are looking forward to improving your play from the beginning to intermediate. Bought it to play ping pong at my office, and it greatly improved my play. It only takes about half an hour for you to get used to it. Now I can easily spin and strike overhand slams.

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Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle – The Best For Intermediate  players

Killerspin JET600 Table Tennis Paddle is ITTF approved and perfect for intermediate players. It is one of the best paddles in the world!  It comes with a 2.0mm high tension Nitrx 4z rubber. It has a speed rating of 8.0, control of 8.5 and spin of 9.0 out of 10.0. Its blade is made of 5-ply wood, 6.0mm in thickness so as to give room for balanced control in aggressive play. Finally, this bat comes with a 30 days warranty.

Killerspin Jet600 XL Combo With Balls And A Case

Killerspin Jet600 XL Combo With Balls And A Case


  • Great spin, speed, and control level for an intermediate
  • Comes with a month warranty


  • Comes at a high price

Customer/User impression

Being a ping pong player for 25 years, and having used several different bats, this particular paddle will satisfy the needs of every recreational player and most tournament players out there. Its circumference is a bit smaller than my previous bat which took me some time to get used to and once I did, it became an awesome companion. It is perfect for defensive style of play.

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There are a lot of options for you to explore in choosing a paddle as you endeavor to find the best ping pong paddle for an intermediate player. Knowing exactly what you want in a paddle will go a long way in ensuring that you make the best decision. From the reviews above, the Killerspin JET600 is just perfect for any serious minded intermediate player looking to up their games.  It is a good choice for players with penhold grip as well as traditional grip. Get one now, and you might never think of upgrading your paddle for a while.