Best SportCraft Ping Pong Tables Review

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing a few items from SportCraft.

Best SportCraft Ping Pong Tables

Best SportCraft Ping Pong Tables

The elements that pick our attention in ping pong tables are:

  • Dimensions: Sizing and weight are important factors. Sometimes you can’t allow a large table or too much weight.
  • Assembly: Some tables are basically done and ready to play off the bat, others require an hour or so of assembling.
  • Net: It is often said that is the net what makes the table, and frankly, it’s quite true. A good net can make decent table good, and a bad net can make a good table mediocre.
  • Playing Surface: Some players are very fond of a good bounce! It’s important to know whether or not the table offers you the playing performance you’re looking for.
  • Folding: Believe it or not, some tables can’t be folded, and some have insecure locks.
  • Design: This comprehends from the paint to the legs, addressing the build and any weak points (if any).
  • Price: No matter how good a product is, it’s attractivity will always be relative to its price. A half-decent table is only attractive when it’s below a certain price threshold.

SportCraft has delivered a lot of good, value tables before (such as the Marquis series) so let’s get down to some of the best pieces this brand can offer you.

SportCraft Ping Pong Tables

SportCraft PX400

The SportCraft PX400 is a solid choice when it comes to value ping pong tables.

Designed with a heavy-duty steel frame and stamped steel legs, this sturdy table provides superior stability for an affordable price.


SportCraft PX400 table

SportCraft PX400 table

While it is true that this table requires prior assembling on the spot, it can be done with relative ease and it’s easily folded up for storage or playback. Be sure to do the job accompanied by another adult as the table does include many screws. If you have enough room  – this table is a decent choice.

SportCraft AMF Pro Air Piston

This incredible ping pong table features four pneumatic pistons that make the leveling job much easier, virtually anyone can level or fold the table halves without breaking a sweat at all.

It is designed to be solid and reliable, and as such, it features a 1″ thick coded play surface and an all-steel frame to deliver a strong foundation for intense matches.

SportCraft AMF Pro Air Piston folded

SportCraft AMF Pro Air Piston folded

One of my favorite parts of this table is the net. It was designed to carry the net mounted in the center at all times, which removes the necessity of detaching it when repositioning the table.

SportCraft AMF Pro Air Piston half - fold

SportCraft AMF Pro Air Piston half – fold

All in all, the top-quality construction of this table makes it a very attractive choice, the added gas pistons make the table about 50 pounds lighter in feel. Keep this ping pong table clean and it will do it’s job in the best way.

SportCraft Pipeline

The pipeline ping pong table is easily the best ping pong table when it comes to the cost-effective ratio. You won’t get a better table in this regard, it has a center-mounted net, a thick, 1” laminated play surface, and its reliable construction make it a durable table that will provide players with a competitional performance for a great value.

SportCraft Pipeline Table

SportCraft Pipeline Table

The stamped steel frame is particularly catching, and the legs are strong enough to be considered as robust. The table can be folded into the typical positions such as playback, playing, and storage.

SportCraft Game Master 2-Piece

You better bring a friend to assemble this heavy-weight table!

Once you get done with it, you’ll be ready to get lots of fun out of this solid ping pong table. It is quite heavy, and it features a 1” thick laminated surface, but on the other hand, it is very sturdy and capable of sustaining heavy use.

SportCraft Game Master 2-Piece table

SportCraft Game Master 2-Piece table


As usual, it can be folded in the three typical positions without difficulty, and it is sized in the regulated tournament size, separated in two pieces of 5’x9’.

SportCraft AMF Fury

This ping pong table is truly a fury. Its regarded to be tournament-grade in terms of playing performance. It offers great speed and bounce, despite having a black surface (which is not sanctioned by the ITTF) it looks awesome and provides excellent playing capabilities.

Sportcraft Amf Fury 2-piece table tennis table

Sportcraft Amf Fury 2-piece table tennis table

The table surface is 1” thick laminated, with a great bounce and low reflection from the light.  It is constructed as a 2-piece that fold independently and each half comes with a set of four, sturdy 4” steel casters. It’s got a smooth rolling despite having a strong steel apron/frame and undercarriage.

The assembly process is fast, thanks to clear instructions and easy procedures.

Perhaps its only weak link is the net, which is not bad but it’s not as good as the table itself, but considering how great this table is for the value, it’s not so bad.

SportCraft Marquis

This table is known for its reliability and safety. It’s a heavy table that will require at least 2 adults to assemble but nothing else.

SportCraft Marquis ping pong table

SportCraft Marquis ping pong table

This ping pong table’s casters were made with a lot of care in mind, they’re safe, smooth, and very sturdy. The playing area is 1″ thick laminated and it offers consistent bounce and speed.

The table is, by all means, quite simple, but it’s not a big deal if you’re just looking for a casual table!


I personally like the AMF Fury, but that’s because I value the high performance above all. The tables presented here cater to a specific player and as such, there’s no way to go wrong here!

SportCraft’s products are an affordable, good quality solution for prospective ping pong tables, and in some cases, it fares better than some of the top brands such as JOOLA and Stiga, but that’s mainly when we go over value tables.

In any case, I believe these tables are the ones that deserve the most attention from SportCraft’s slew of products, although they’ve got a few more models lying around.

I hope this review helped you find what option suits you the best, good luck!