Choosing The Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin Under $100

Nowadays you can find ping pong paddles in many forms that are specifically designed to be good at certain things. Some are specifically for an offense. Some are best used for defense. Some are best for power or speed. Here we will look at two of the best ping pong paddles for spin. Specifically, we will look at the best ping pong paddle under $100. I will then conclude with what is the overall best-rated paddle.

Today we have updated our list to help you to find your best ping pong paddle for spin in 2019. So, Let’s begin with learning the theory.

What is the spin?

What is Ping Pong ball spin?

What is a ping pong ball spin?

Spin is created by the quality and the kind of rubber installed on your paddle. It can also help to have a lightweight weight blade which can also create spin. A high spin paddle will have pips that face the blade. This makes a smooth surface that will help generate more spin when the ball hits. These paddles are also very tacky which allows the ball to stay on the surface of the paddle longer, give the player time to produce the spin the desire.

Do not forget to clean your table and paddle fo excelent spin! For the best results, read our secret tips, how to do it first!

No matter what kind of player, offensive or defensive, spin helps the player to make their shots harder to return by their opponent. Without spin, a ball would be very predictable and easy to send back over with more power than it was given. Now we will look at two of the best paddles for spin to decide on an overall best paddle for spin.

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Bat Review

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket and Case

Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket and Case

Spin: 9
Weight: 9

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The Palio Expert 2 is a paddle made by Palio. They are known for their paddle rubbers which make it a great paddle for spin while still at a reasonable price.

Quality Rubbers

One of the best qualities in the Palio Expert 2 is the rubbers. They are a professional grade rubber, which is uncommon at the price point. The rubbers give the paddle a high-end feeling of a paddle that is much higher in price. The paddle rubber is very tacky and can create a lot of backspin, forward-spin, and sidespin.
However, they do not have as much speed as some of the similarly priced paddles. However, the soft sponge in the paddle gives the player ultimate control even though the speed is compromised. It’s a great way to learn to return shots without sacrificing spin.

Durable Blade

The Palio Expert 2 blade is a thick blade with a comfortable grip. The blade has a good weight balance to help the player feel comfortable during play. It also is very long lasting. Most blades will last several years before they need to be replaced.


There are some issues that have been reported with quality. Some players have found that the sponge separates from the blade, however, this seems to be an isolated event and some have had absolutely no issues with the paddle.

The Palio Expert 2 is a quality paddle for the price. The rubbers really make it well worth it. The professional grade rubbers really help to the player to control the ball and improve their play. It is a great paddle for those looking to control the ball while still generating a lot of spin.

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Stiga Evolution

Stiga® Evolution Table Tennis Racket for best spin

Stiga® Evolution Table Tennis Racket for best spin

Speed: 8
Spin: 9
Control: 9
Weight: 9
Overall: 9

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The STIGA Evolution racket is a very solid, quality paddle. It is a very lightweight paddle that has a professional quality, but still at an affordable price. It ‘s one of the best paddles for intermediate players looking to up their game.

Quality Rubber

The STIGA Evolution is known for the quality rubber. It has what is known as premium rubber. It is the tackiest rubber that is available from one of the best ping pong brand – STIGA. This rubber will allow you to add more spin on the ball. The biggest difference will be noticed on serves. You will be able to do an outstanding serves with a maximum amount of spin on the ball without using a lot of effort.

Balanced Paddle

The STIGA Evolution is very balanced when comparing the head and handle. This is helpful for the defensive player because they play closer to the table. This helps to add backspin on the ball when playing so close. The sponge on this paddle is of a very good quality which helps players to control very hard hit balls. This sponge also helps the player to place the ball in the area they choose.
This paddle works best with a shakehand grip, but can also be used with the pen-hold. The paddle can be used by a large or average-sized hand person, but a person with smaller hands may have trouble holding it.

The STIGA Evolution is one of the perfect best paddles ever. It is the suitable perfect paddle for an intermediate player looking to move to the next level. The tacky rubber is of premium quality that can’t normally be found at the price point. Because of the tackiness, it is important to buy a cover to protect it from dust and dirt.
The Evolution works best for players when they play close to the table, and focus on defensive play. It has the ability to put an enormous amount of spin on the ball with very little effort.

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Conclusion.  What is the best spin bat from the reviewed?

Overall, the best paddle for spin would be the STIGA Evolution. It gives the most spin available by STIGA while still maintaining speed which can also help when playing. It also has a slightly better quality than the Palio. Although it was only isolated incidents, the Palio did have reports of the sponge coming apart from the blade, whereas the STIGA has no reported quality issues. They both came out with the same ratings in all categories, but because of quality, the STIGA is the best-rated ping pong paddle.