What is the Best Ping Pong Paddle for Defense Strategy of Spring 2019

All ping pong players can be categorized as offensive or defensive players. Based on that category you are going to want to choose a paddle that meets the needs of that style of player. An offensive player is going to look for a different amount of control, spin, and power than a defensive player and vice versa. But how do we decide whether we are an offensive or defensive player?

We have made some important updates in our review, to help you to make a decision what is the best ping pong paddle for defense in 2019?

Let’s see. And begin with some theory:

Different Playing Styles

Your playing style can be determined simply by how you play the game. An offensive player is going to want to attack the ball and trying to out power the other player with their returns. A defensive player is going to be more focused on returning even the hardest of hits, and waiting for their opponent to make a mistake. Because of this difference, they will need different things out of a paddle, and their rating can help a player decide what is best for them.

Paddle Rating System

Ping Pong paddles are rated on their control, power, and speed. Each paddle will have a different rating for each category.

Control is all about the rubber and how tacky it is. A high control paddle is going to hold onto the ball longer which allows for better placement of the ball.

Power is based on how hard the ball comes back at the opponent.

Speed pertains to how fast the ball is hit off of the paddle and returned, as well as the amount of spin the ball has.

A defensive paddle, as well as the best personal paddles for the beginners, is going to have a high control rating to help the player successfully return even the most difficult shots.

Top 3 Defensive Paddles:

No.3 Killerspin Jet200 – The Most Affordable Paddle

Rating: 90/100

Killerspin Jet200

Killerspin Jet 200 Racket for defenders

The Killerspin Jet200 is a great paddle for a defensive player who wants to start playing the game seriously. It is the cheapest ping-pong bat for defense on our list. It is not the most powerful paddle, but it has a high control rating which makes it great for defensive play. Killerspin is a newer brand, but they are known for high-quality products. The blade is made of 5-ply wood, which is not the best quality, but it last. What makes the Jet200 special is the rubber. It is known to be fresher than most other paddles which helps to control the ball without taking away from the spin.  For the best results, the racket rubber should be regularly cleaned.

It does not have the highest speed rating, but this is a great choice for a defensive player looking for control.

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No.2 Killerspin Jet600 – The Most Expensive One

Rating: 92/100

Killerspin jet600

Killerspin jet600 paddle full package with case and balls

The Killerspin Jet600 is a step up from the 200. This is a tournament-level paddle with an affordable price which makes this a great ping pong paddle for a defender. It is comprised of 5 layers that give it a good power rating, but still lightweight which helps with control. Like the 200, the rubber tackiness is its standout where control and spin can be mastered together.  If you want to have more spin – look for another paddle.

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No.1 Stiga Supreme – The Best Choice

Rating: 94/100

Stiga supreme bat

Stiga supreme ping pong bat

The Stiga Supreme is another cost effective paddle that is lightweight and works well for the player, who wants to work on their reaction time. This defensive paddle works especially well against opponents who use a lot of power. This is a 6-ply blade which gives it a step up from the other 5-ply. It reduces the weight and helps make defensive play faster. One drawback to the Supreme is its lower power rating, but it’s lightweight works well for quick reactions on defense. It can be also used for children and ping pong beginners as well as some other.

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What paddle to buy?

The defensive table tennis bats can help to improve your defensive game, and improve play against power player. While there are many other paddles available, these are some of the best. If you decide to shop around. Always look for a high control rating as well as a lightweight blade. These will give you the speed and control you need to defend any attack. From 3 reviewed Stiga Supreme Racket is the most effective defender’s table tennis paddle, it will help you to improve the results and to have more wins.