What is the best outdoor ping pong table in the world ever?

Ping pong is a great way to get closer to friends and family, it’s a great way to form new bonds with those around us, it’s a great bonding activity for your workplace, and it’s a decent way to shed a few grams every now and then.

Whether you opt for an outdoor ping pong experience due to space constrictions or because you’d like to enjoy the beautiful visage of nature while you play, getting a pair of affordable ping pong paddles and the best ping pong table for outdoor play is important.

The best outdoor table tennis table

The best outdoor table tennis tables review

Your ping pong table will be subject to the elements, and these call for a much sturdier and resilient table than the ones sold for indoors ping pong. These outdoor tables sport a different assortment of materials and parts, from the top board to the net. Everything has to be capable of withstanding the elements after all!

All in all, you need a proper table, so please discard any intentions of buying a cheaper indoor ping pong table, in the end, your table will wound up a victim of the elements, and in retrospective, you spend more money because you’d have to get a replacement.

If you understand this, you might be wondering… what is the proper ping pong table what is the best outdoor ping pong table?

How to Pick a Good Outdoor Ping Pong Table

One of the first elements you must check is the bounce quality. You need to stay away from outdoor ping pong tables that offer too much (or too little) bounce, you also should stay away from tables whose surfaces are too hard to keep smooth.

An outdoor ping pong table has to be weather-proof, which means it has to be able of withstanding weather conditions such as rainy, sunny, windy or snowy days. The net of the table should be resistant as well, while you should definitely consider removing/adding it as need be, a cheap net will fall victim to a sudden gust of wind while you play, so the risk still stands!

The family is playing ping pong outdoors

The family is playing ping pong outdoors

A good outdoor table should:

  • …be sturdy enough to sustain the elements: in other words, it should have undercarriages made of galvanized steel.
  • …be heavy enough to resist movement by the wind.
  • …have a weather-proof table. It should also be water-proof.
  • …have a good cost-effective ratio. Some tables are extremely expensive and inevitably they get worn down.
  • …be the correct size for your needs. The “optimal” size of your table depends on how big is your designated “play space”.

As a last note, whether or not the table is collapsible depends on how do you plan to have it. If you plan to have the table permanently opened, it’s not an issue (it’s a drag actually) if it can’t collapse itself. If you do need to have it collapsed, then it becomes a target priority.

With all this said, let’s get down to the product review!

Picking the Best Quality Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Killerspin’s MyT-O Best Quality Outdoor Ping Pong Table

This product’s score is: 8.0

This “quick n easy” table by the hand of Killerspin  offers a solid, quality outdoor table for an affordable price.

Reported to be surprisingly sturdy, the only ailment of this table is its bounce, mainly because of the aluminum top, but this is a necessary sacrifice, in order to make it weather-resistant.

This table can be assembled under 15 minutes, as advertised, as it only has 8 nuts and bolts, allowing an easy, and quick, assembly process.

The table’s halves fold separately, allowing storage without all the hassle, as well as an individual playback position for solo play.

The wheels are reputed to be highly durable with a reliable lock system for secure storage. The quality of this table is unsurpassed.

This great table can be found for a good price, making it quite cheap as far as outdoor ping pong tables go. Definitely a great choice for those on a budget as well as beginners. Do not forget to clean it before the first use.


Killerspin-MyT-O Outdoor Table-Tennis Table

Killerspin-MyT-O Outdoor Table-Tennis Table


JOOLA’s NOVA DX -Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table For The Money

This product’s score is 10.0

JOOLA is a respectable brand when it comes to ping pong tables, and their Nova DX is not an exception.

Joola’s NOVA DX offers a surprising degree of quality without flashy add-ons or any nonsense, just a solid table that is both foldable and durable.

Despite having a 6mm aluminum plastic composite surface, it’s got a respectable bounce, impressive given the usual performance of these aluminum surfaces.

Its two-piece construction enables folding up for both compact storage and solo playback. It has adjustable feet as well, which enables leveling the table mid-gameplay without too much hassle.

The table includes double anti-tilting devices which allow for secure locking, making it perfect for transport.

It comes with a matching weather-proof net, in other words, more bang for your buck!

The price range of this table is more surprising than its quality:  This is (and I emphasize) one steal of a deal.

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Table Tennis Table

This product’s score is: 9.0

If you’re more than a casual ping-pong player looking for a high-performance table, let me present you the Cornilleau 500M table, this table is one of the top performers out there!

You should keep in mind that Cornilleau is one of the most popular ping pong equipment brands.  Coming with an impressive bounce and a galvanized steel frame. This table’s perfectly weather-proofed laminated surface has a potent glare reduction as well.

Its durable built and heavy-duty wheels (almost 9”) with notched treads will ensure you continued quality for a good deal of time.

It comes with adjustable legs to easily level the table, although it is best if you don’t try to place it on an uneven surface.

The table comes with a quality, weather-proof polyester net that allows for some height and tension adjustments, but it comes at the hefty price range of $1,400 and $1,600. Consider your projected use as well as your budget and space before making your decision!

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Table

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Table



My personal pick is JOOLA’s Nova Dx Ping Pong Table simply because of the great cost-effective ratio and because I don’t quite need a top-performing table. As usual, everyone’s different and as such we have different needs.

Killerspin’s table is more suited for those who would like a bit more of flair for just a bit more of cash, while Cornilleau’s table is aimed at the top performers who need a high-performing table to satisfy their professional ping-pong thirst. All in all, the choice must be accommodated to your needs!

I hope this review helped you to find what is best outdoor ping pong table that suits all of your needs.  Good luck!